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We offer Rhythm and Performance Rydes and the studio is available to be booked for private and/or corporate events and charity fundraising.


Rhythm Rydes

Rhythm Rydes are high intensity classes where you ryde to the beat! Set to exhilarating and heart-pumping music you will feel like you are at the best dance party in Cayman! This class combines choreographed rhythmic moves with cycling techniques, along with a brief hand weight section (sculpting your arms, shoulders, chest and back) resulting in a full body workout. Each instructor brings their own flair to the class, expressed through their personality and choice of music. 


Teen Rhythm Rydes

Teen Rhythm Rydes are designed for students. This class will provide a safe and fun Ryde for teens while tapping it back to the coolest music on the island. Recommended for ages 12-18,  minimum height required is 4'10'.  Please purchase the Teen Package to reserve this class.


Performance Rydes

We use Stages Flight software to display data from the bikes to a large projector screen. The instructor loads an intensity profile which sets target zones for the riders. Each rider's work is displayed as a percentage of their personalized FTP (Functional Threshold Power) which is displayed through an intuitive color coded dial. This creates an individualized workout within an immersive group setting by allowing each rider to work at the same percentage of FTP (same color dial) even though their output and fitness may be different.

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